Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bad Theology 101

"Jesus is coming back soon to slay the wicked and remove the righteous from the earth before he destroys it"

"This is all part of God's plan for your life"

"Heaven helps those that help themselves"

"If you do something for God, God will do something for you"

"If you don't believe in Jesus, you're going straight to hell"

"Hell is a place of fire and brimstone, of eternal torment"

"God kills the wicked"

"The Bible is also a history, biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics, and geology textbook"

"God says it, I believe it, that settles it"

"Give your life to Christ and God will take away all your burdens"

"Religion is a comfort crutch for the weak-minded, a pre-conceived paradigm to make decisions more easily"

(If it makes your life easier, you ain't doin' it right.)

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tamie said...

you said it, buddy.