Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rescuing Christmas from the "Holiday Season"

I never thought I'd say this, but...Bill O'Reilly was right.

There really is a War on Christmas.

The Holy celebration of Christ's Mass has become - pardonner mon fran├žais - a clusterf*ck of consumerism, globalism, and materialism. If we are complicit in this treachery, we allow ourselves to be transformed into - not little Christs - but little Grinches!

How many people worldwide suffer each year because of Corporate Christmas? How painfully does our only planet shudder and groan as factories belch out countless cheap plastic toys? Is it worth it? Really?

Despite all this, I just can't be depressed around Christmas. I love the traditions, I love the carols, I love the colorfulness and - sorry for being corny - magic of it all.

A friend recently said to me, "You know people feel more holy around Christmas. All those ceramic mangers and carols and Hallmark Christmas movies. Blech!" Blech indeed. There is something about Christmas that is so full of hope and light that even the state of our world seems like it can be made right.

So, here's what you can do:

*Buy only one present for your friends and family. Make it special.

*Or, make one yourself!

*Are you dreaming of a green Christmas?


*Check out Advent Conspiracy. Spend less. Worship more. Love all.

*Christ is the Light of the world. Light a candle and say a prayer for peace.

*Make a Christmas card. Leave it for a stranger to find.

*Write or read Advent reflections.

*It's Christmas. Have you called your mother lately? Pray the rosary. Then tell a mother how much she means to you.

*Recycle decorations year to year. Make decorations!

*Learn the story behind the real Saint Nicholas. See the movie.

*Give. Give, give, give and don't stop giving! Your time, your talents - they were all given to you. Give them back to Christ in the world.

To give is to be liberated from having.

*Add to this list!


Anonymous said...

The one gift idea is good, but what should you do when it feels like it is not enough, or you have family who spends a lot on you. Oh, and you can't "make" anything!

Ugh, the holiday hurts when it was meant to help! Makes me wonder if this person called "Satan" really isn't all us "Christians" acting like we think we "should" for Christmas..?


tamie, the tamie said...

rockin post. me appreciates.

E said...

Anonymous E: Sure you can! My friend made me a fabulous candle holder last Christmas. It's one of my favorites. And, perhaps you could convince the entire family to buy just one present for each other?