Monday, November 10, 2008

13 Things You May Not Know About Me

A la Tamie. Make a list of your own, if you like.

- - -

1. I have a neurotic habit of adding up numbers - on clock displays, barcodes, phone digits; anything. And multiples of three are lucky. If I set the microwave timer, it has to add up to a multiple of three. (34 seconds on power level 8, for example. 3+4+8 = 15.)

2. I also like some contemporary Christian music. I hide it away like most people probably hide their porn.

3. I went to a Lutheran preschool. My teacher was a British woman named Mrs. Kibsey. Her assistant teacher was Ms. Young, who made me eat my sandwich when it got all crusty and yelled at my best friend Elliott and I for kicking up dust in the sandbox playing trucks. I didn't like her.

4. Speaking of Elliott, I totally stalk my elementary school peers on social networking sites. I love seeing what they're up to.

5. I love the teeny-tiny little spiders that sit in corners staring at the wall for months on end.

6. From age 9 to 14, to I was overweight. I still don't like people watching me eat.

7. I once hit a pigeon on the way to school. It landed directly in front of my car, and exploded in a spectacular display of feathers. The drivers around passed by laughing, but I felt so bad I pulled over, was late for class, and prayed for the poor bird. In retrospect, it was just a little bit funny.

8. The sound of people chewing noisily makes me cringe. Thank God for restaurants!

9. Same story for vacuum cleaners. I have to turn up my MP3 player obnoxiously loud when I'm cleaning.

10. I've never been able to keep a plant alive for more than a month.

11. If my feet are uncovered, I absolutely cannot fall asleep.

12. I've kept a journal since I was seven.

13. There is a large xylophone under my bed.

- - -


Davis said...

It's the xylophone that worries me most... ;-)

Gail said...

Hey Eric-
fascinating facts. The colors of the exploding pigeon I found a tad unsettling, but it's all good. :-)

So, anyway. Are you still okay with me stopping by? Here, your blog, not coming for a cup of tea, seriously. :-)

Let me know. I dismiss well.


eric said...

Of course, Gail. I'm just forgetful and generally bad at leaving comments on other people's blogs....

Gail said...


thanks Eric, Amen.


Aaron Joshua Oliver said...

Hey Eric,

Your blog is candid and beautiful. I just updated my blog with some recent posts. Please let me know what you think. Thanks,


tamie said...

Dahling, I'm catching up on your blog. It was fun to read your 13 things!!!