Sunday, November 16, 2008

Marriage Equality - Protests

It's not really about marriage, it's about respect and human dignity. It's about not being silent.

I went to the Phoenix rally yesterday...the newspapers will say about 2,000 people showed up - try 3,500!

Pictures cannot convey the sheer enormity of that crowd.

Once again, I'm proud to be a member of a church that "seeks and serves Christ in all people." Being able to carry this flag for all to see truly felt like taking Christ into the world. How fitting it is that the Bishop happened to be at the Cathedral that day, giving us the thumbs up before we headed down to the march.

Washington, D.C.:


JN1034 said...

Eric: It's wonderful that you had the opportunity to witness in Phoenix. You should be very proud to be a vital member of the Episcopal Church, and, in turn, the Church Universal is so fortunate to have a new generation of adults like you lighting the way for those of us (Orthodox, Catholic, et al.) still in the dark (Dark Ages, that is).

Vesper de Vil said...

Excellent! Thanks for posting!!!